Mysteries of the Deep with Jeremy Wade Episodes

S1 E1 5/27/20

Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

Jeremy investigates a mysterious disappearance at the Bermuda Triangle.
S1 E2 6/3/20

Nazi Toxic Hell Sub

Jeremy reveals a Nazi sub's top-secret mission on the day it sank.
S1 E3 6/17/20

Curse of the Kraken

Jeremy reveals new discoveries that may prove the existence of the Kraken.
S1 E4 6/24/20

Hunt for Noah's Ark

Jeremy investigates new discoveries about Noah Ark.
S1 E5 7/1/20

Mummy on the Ghost Ship

Jeremy reveals how a mummy found itself on a mysterious abandoned boat.
S1 E6 7/8/20

US Navy vs. UFO

Declassified files reveal an encounter between the US Navy and UFOs.

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