Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Episodes

S3 E1 11/15/23

$3 Billion Heist

Duane and Chad return to Blind Frog Ranch with cutting-edge technology.
S3 E2 11/22/23

Underground Tsunami

The team finds an ancient vent shaft into the cave above the Energy Zone.
S3 E3 11/29/23

Aztec Evidence

Duane and his team attempt to breach the cavern system from higher ground.
S3 E4 12/6/23

The Mormon Wagon Trail

Chad and James uncover a bar of gold at the Bead Site and study its source.
S3 E5 12/13/23

Into the Mormon Eye

The team tries a dangerous maneuver on the trail of the Lost Rhoades Mine.
S3 E6 12/20/23

Back to the Energy Zone

With the flooding finally over, Duane resumes drilling in the Energy Zone.

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