Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Episodes

S2 E1 1/7/22

No Dyin' Tryin' Today

Duane strategizes a plan for the box, but a death puts the crew on edge.
S2 E2 1/14/22

Aztec or Not?

Tests reveal if the box is Aztec or not, and a spy-cam threatens the ranch.
S2 E3 1/21/22

Diving Blind

Chad considers a risky dive, and intruders enter the ranch.
S2 E4 1/28/22

What's Inside the Box?

A shocking discovery inside the box forces Duane to rethink everything.
S2 E5 2/11/22

Radioactive Rocks

The crew explore new methods to find a dry entrance into the cavern.
S2 E6 2/18/22

The Void

The team discovers what they’ve been searching for after a costly mistake.

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What's Inside the Box?

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Aztec or Not?

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