Mythbusters Episodes

S19 E1 1/2/16

MythBusters Revealed

Adam and Jamie showcase what's to come in a behind-the-scenes exclusive.
S19 E2 1/9/16

The Explosion Special

The guys go out with a bang and bid farewell to their favorite pastime.
S19 E3 1/16/16

Tanker Crush

The guys attempt to crush a giant tanker train car by creating a vacuum.
S19 E4 1/23/16

Cooking Chaos

The guys stir up some cooking chaos and test two viral video sensations.
S19 E5 1/30/16

Driven to Destruction

Adam and Jamie destroy cars in style with a vacuum cleaner and with C4!
S19 E6 2/6/16

Volunteer Special

The MythBusters tackle a myth about zombie weapons.

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