1 Season

Naked and Afraid of Love Episodes

S1 E1 8/29/21

The Accidental Erection

One of the singles finds it hard to hide his attraction.
S1 E2

Thirsty in Paradise

As Bennett and Britt get physical, Candice plots to get him back.
S1 E3

Tinder Gone Wild

More singles equals more fun. Sparks fly when Candice teaches Jay Hot Hula.
S1 E4

Island Heatwave

Jay and Britt get intimate, leaving Candice stranded.
S1 E5

Size Does Matter

When Britt decides bigger is better, Bennett is kicked to the curb.
S1 E6

Flex on the Beach

Will Cassalei's ultimatum make Jay, the island fboy, change his ways?

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