Shanika and Jeremy with map.


Shanika and Jeremy with map.

Naked and Afraid is Airing it All Out in a New Season

The ultimate test of human endurance – NAKED AND AFRAID bares down with plenty of firsts and danger-filled with adventures that neither the audience nor the survivalists will ever see coming.

An all-new season of NAKED AND AFRAID premieres Sunday, February 27 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery. Catch up on all the previous seasons on discovery+.

February 07, 2022

The toughest adventure seekers from around the world are leaving their clothes and everyday essentials at home to live, hunt, and thrive in some of the wildest, most punishing, and isolated places on Earth.

This season will bring you to never-before-seen locations, survivalists of all backgrounds– ranging from rookies to Legends, city-slickers to mountaineers – and as always some unexpected challenges at every turn.

An all-new season of NAKED AND AFRAID premieres Sunday, February 27 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery.

From the haunted highlands in Chiapas and an abandoned village in Botswana to a complex and unnerving cave system in Colombia, this season takes brave survivalists to places where even the most experienced of NAKED AND AFRAID survivalists have had to tap out. In the middle of a haunted jungle, two survivalists question everything, as strange events plague them. And when two survivalists stumble across an abandoned African village, they’ll learn the hard way what led the villagers to flee and leave everything behind.

In a franchise first, a pair of survivalists must not only survive amongst hundreds of elephants on the Limpopo River but do so while overcoming a language barrier that makes even the smallest of tasks an impossible feat. Other firsts this season include the first transgender woman who finds herself paired with a farmer from South Africa, as well as a survivalist with Asperger’s who discovers how her disability impacts her survival and finds ways to overcome challenges she didn’t think possible.

Always an audience favorite, this season also features a special ‘tribes’ episode and in a true passing of the torch, the grown kids of two NAKED AND AFRAID All-Stars try their hand at a 14-day challenge in Mexico to see if they have what it takes to live up to the legendary reputations of their parents.

As the breakthrough show that started it all, this season of NAKED AND AFRAID is one for the books. Can these survivalists endure harsh elements, dangerous wildlife, and each other? It’s the ultimate battle between mankind and Mother Nature in its most primitive form.

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