6 Seasons

NASA's Unexplained Files Episodes

S6 E1

Saturn's Moon Monsters

NASA discovers something strange on Saturn's moon that might be aliens.
S6 E2 4/18/19

Aliens vs. Stalin at Area 51

An Area 51 insider claims the Roswell incident was a Soviet conspiracy.
S6 E3 4/25/19

The Black Hole Next Door

Astronomers investigate how much danger a rogue black hole poses to Earth.
S6 E4 5/2/19

Pluto's Evil Twin

Experts investigate if a mysterious object is an alien spacecraft.
S6 E5 5/9/19

Aliens in the Amazon

Experts ask why Neil Armstrong went on a quest to find a legendary library.
S6 E6 5/16/19

Secrets of the Alien Signals

Experts ask if an experiment with dolphins is a prelude to alien contact.

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Aliens in the Amazon