1 Season

North America Episodes

S1 E1 5/19/13

Born To Be Wild

A wide-ranging journey visits mountains, jungles, plains and deserts.
S1 E2 5/19/13

No Place to Hide

A world of extreme storms and unpredictable blizzards, this land tests all those who set foot on it. From bunker building prairie dogs to the fastest land animals on the continent, the fight to survive shapes all who dare call this place home.
S1 E3 5/26/13

Learn Young or Die

Bears, bighorn sheep and more fight for survival in mountains and forests.
S1 E4 6/2/13

The Savage Edge

An exploration of the continent's coasts reveals a migration of sharks.
S1 E5 6/9/13

Outlaws and Skeletons

The desert is more alive than you ever imagined. Human and animals alike endure at the mercy of the elements. From Death Valley to the deserts of Mexico, creatures battle for survival with astounding adaptations.