1 Season

One Man Army Episodes

S1 E1 7/13/11

Brothers in Arms

Competitors show off their brute strength and expert marksmanship.
S1 E2 7/20/11

Fear is Not an Option

The competitors escape a water coffin and navigate a mined obstacle course.
S1 E3 7/27/11

Will to Win

Four competitors face off in a shooting challenge and breach course.
S1 E4 8/3/11

No Guts, No Glory

The competitors navigate a maze on their backs and compete in a tug of war.
S1 E5 8/10/11

Faster, Stronger, Smarter

The competitors must go under and over walls carrying an 80-pound load.
S1 E6 8/17/11

Deadliest Guy on the Block

The operatives face a complex web of lasers and enemy capture.