One Way Out

1 Season

Professional escape artist Jonathan Goodwin tests the limits of his own skills and endurance as he fights his way out of a set of increasingly complex, ridiculous and dangerous traps. Mechanical engineer Terry Stroud constructs the many traps from an array of ordinary objects that leave Jonathan bound with duct tape, locked in a filing cabinet, roped to a motorboat, stapled to a door, driven off the end of a dock, encased in concrete and even buried alive. Jonathan's only objective is to find a way out using important scientific principals.


Episode   1

Bee Stung Brit

Episode   2

Ice Trap

Episode   3

Long Way Down

Episode   4

Dizzy Limit

Episode   5

Human Catapult

Episode   6

Buried Alive

Episode   7

BMX Bounce

Episode   8

Trial by Fire

Episode   9

Car On My Head

Episode   10

Bird Brained