2 Seasons

Outback Opal Hunters Episodes

S2 E1 1/17/20

Rookie Mistakes

A new season of opal hunting begins!
S2 E2 1/24/20

Wild Wild West

In the wild west, new team the Fire Crew are hunting fabled fire opal.
S2 E3 1/31/20

Going Under

A new partner leads the Rookies on a wild goose chase underground.
S2 E4 2/7/20

Risky Business

Rookie Justin gambles thousands of dollars on buying his way out of trouble
S2 E5 2/14/20

Hot Hot Heat

The Fire Crew races a fuel leak, chasing legendary red fire opal.
S2 E6 2/21/20

Machine Mayhem

The Cooke Brothers fight busted hoses and breakdowns in their quest.