Outback Opal Hunters Episodes

S5 E1 6/3/22

Disaster Strikes

JC breaks his body while competing in a bull-riding fundraiser.
S5 E2 6/10/22

The Opal Whisperers

Isaac and Sofia set out to prove themselves as miners.
S5 E3 6/17/22

Glory Days

The entire Tarantos family is struck down by sudden illness.
S5 E4 6/24/22

Young Gun Returns

JC returns to White Cliffs and the Tunnel Rats battle an infested mine.
S5 E5 6/24/22

Trouble Underground

The Tarantos' excavator grinds to a halt at the bottom of their mine.
S5 E6 7/1/22

The Value of Misfits

The Misfits prove their worth in the mine fields of South Australia.

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