Outback Opal Hunters Episodes

S6 E1 6/30/23

Start with a Bang

A brand-new team brings cutting edge technology to the opal fields.
S6 E2 7/7/23

Baptism By Fire

The Cheals take on their most dangerous dig ever.
S6 E3 7/14/23

In Search of Fuel

The Mooka Boys are forced to work Leif's late father's abandoned mine.
S6 E4 7/21/23

A Well That Takes on Water

The Bushmen discover their new claim has been dug out by opal thieves.
S6 E5 8/4/23

Bad Luck

The Cheals are cut off from their mine by crippling floods.
S6 E6 8/11/23

Start Again From the Beginning

Gale-force winds threaten the Digi Diggers' dreams of an eco-mine.