Experts Shed Light on the Coronavirus with New Special ‘Pandemic: Covid-19’

The rapid spread of COVID-19, a novel form of coronavirus, has become the defining global health crisis of our time. With all of our daily lives altered and communities on-edge, Discovery and Science Channel are bringing in the experts to help answer important questions. See below for a look at what the special will cover.

Let’s Learn the Basics

Scientists and experts will take an in-depth look at the virus’ treatment and transmission. COVID-19 is believed to have jumped from animals to humans in a market in Wuhan, China. But how does this happen? Learn about medical mysteries that initially baffled doctors upon the first few patients falling ill.

Origin Story

The special will also look at how within a matter of weeks, COVID-19 spread throughout China and beyond, alarming health care professionals and scientist. What we’ve learned from those first few weeks is now crucial to understanding what we’re facing today.

Global Pandemic

Now, as we’re all aware, Covid 19 is a global pandemic and has spread throughout world — hitting places like Italy, South Korea, and the United States. The special will trace the origin of the outbreak in America to the first patient, its rapid spread in Seattle and probes the dramatic and unexpected transmission across the country. Viewers will hear from the leading experts in medicine on the frontlines as well as academia, government officials and patients with first-hand accounts.

Are We Equipped and Prepared?

We’re seeing the story change rapidly everyday on the news, as the number of infected and reported dead in the United States continues on an upward trajectory. The special will look at the effects of the drastic measures happening across America as institutions, schools and businesses are shut down to prevent transmission. Those leading the fight to find answers as well as a possible cure are now sharing what they know.

Watch Pandemic: Covid-19 on both Discovery and Science Channel Wednesday, March 25th at 10/9c. You can also stream on Discovery GO.

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