1 Season

Penn and Teller: Tell a Lie Episodes

S1 E1 10/5/11

Hair Can Lift a Mustang

Penn and Teller make crazy claims about strong hair, profanity and more!
S1 E2 10/12/11

Forest Fire vs. Jet Engine

The guys make big claims about strong cheese and even stronger wallpaper.
S1 E3 10/19/11

Piranha Will Not Kill You

The guys make wild claims about roadkill, the strength of eggs and more.
S1 E4 10/26/11

Hair Bleach is a Rocket Fuel

The guys have a new outrageous claim that involves hair bleach!
S1 E5 11/2/11

Monster Trucks vs. Fabric

The guys present claims involving carnival games, machine guns and more.
S1 E6 11/9/11

Cracking a Safe with Nitrogen

The guys attempt stop an arrow with a shirt and more!