1 Season

Sticker Shock Episodes

S1 E1

Models, Muscles and Milk Vans

A 1950s Divco milk van leaves appraiser Todd Wertman speechless.
S1 E2

Camaro. Corvette. Keller?

Six car owners show off their muscle cars, including a Camaro and Corvette.
S1 E3

Mopar, Pace Car, Magazine Star

Randy Carlson's evaluation of a 1986 Toyota brings the owner to his knees.
S1 E4

Suicide Doors, Drop Top Wars

Randy's knowledge of unusual cars is put to the test by a 1961 Ford.
S1 E5

Town Car, Race Car, Boat Car

A 1966 Chevy Corvette receives an unexpected appraisal estimate.
S1 E6

Model Man, Big Fin Sedan

A grandma with a need for speed revs up her 1972 Ford Maverick for Nick.