1 Season
S1 E10 6/27/18

Tatra, Nash, Cash or Trash

The owner of a 1929 Dodge hot rod thinks it's worth over $200k. Randy appraises a 1950 vehicle considered the most collectible car in the world. A 1957 Nash Metro tests Nick's knowledge of American cars and sports.


Episode   1

Models, Muscles and Milk Vans

Episode   2

Camaro. Corvette. Keller?

Episode   3

Mopar, Pace Car, Magazine Star

Episode   4

Suicide Doors, Drop Top Wars

Episode   5

Town Car, Race Car, Boat Car

Episode   6

Model Man, Big Fin Sedan

Episode   7

Hold Me Closer Tiny Lancer

Episode   8

Oldsmobile, Batmobile

Episode   9

Shaved Doors, Stolen Car

Episode   10

Tatra, Nash, Cash or Trash

Episode   11

Bentley, Bel Air, Beach Bum

Episode   12

Mythbusted and Rusted

Episode   13

Bulletproof, Gullwing Roof