1 Season

Still Alive Episodes

S1 E1 9/14/16

Climb or Die

A scientist falls into a crevasse and must climb out alone or die.
S1 E2 9/21/16

Plane Crash Cam

An avalanche buries a skier, and a plane crash is caught on camera.
S1 E3 9/28/16

Hell or High Water

A kayaker gets caught in a flash flood on a South African river.
S1 E4 10/5/16

Great White Shocker

A spear fisherman gets an unwanted visit from a 13-foot tiger shark.
S1 E5 12/14/16

Dead in the Water

A man rescues his best friend after he blacks out underwater.
S1 E6 12/15/16

Worst Case Scenario

Youthful high jinks go wrong, leaving friends trapped on a mountainside.