1 Season

Street Justice: The Bronx Episodes

S1 E1 9/26/17

Williamsbridge Rapist

Detective Friedman hunts for a ruthless serial rapist in Willamsbridge.
S1 E2 9/19/17

Bullet With My Name On It

Detective Friedman gets caught up in a hail of gunfire during a robbery.
S1 E3 10/3/17

The Savage Skulls

Detective Friedman tracks down the Bronx's most-feared street gang.
S1 E4

Bronx Most Wanted

Friedman gets a tip that an escaped felon is hiding out on his turf.
S1 E5

The Reckoning

Ralph Friedman sets up a sting on a building rooftop to catch a gun-runner.
S1 E6

Bronx On Fire

Friedman fights in to keep a riot targeting the precinct under control.