1 Season

Swamp Brothers Episodes

S1 E1 5/10/11

Partners in Slime

The brothers evade an aggressive alligator while collecting her eggs.
S1 E2 5/10/11

Sex and the Single Gator

The brothers talk alligator genders before taking a step into a lion's den.
S1 E3 5/13/11

That’s the Big One

The guys assemble a team to capture a massive 14-foot male gator.
S1 E4 5/13/11

A Croc Walks into a Swamp

Robbie and Stephen play nurse for a giant, feisty reptile.
S1 E5 5/20/11

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Robbie works with a feisty croc and a gorilla at a Texas zoo.
S1 E6 5/20/11

Long Necks and Short Fuses

The brothers answer the call to assist with an injured baby giraffe.