Tesla's Death Ray: A Murder Declassified Episodes

S1 E1 1/2/18

Mad Scientist On Long Island

Experts join forces to investigate the work of inventor Nikola Tesla.
S1 E2 1/9/18

Search for the Lost Lab

The team works to reconstruct Tesla's "Death Ray" and searches Tesla's lab.
S1 E3 1/16/18

A Suspect in Serbia

The team shifts focus to investigate Tesla's potential murder.
S1 E4 1/25/18

In Hitler's Crosshairs

The investigation into Tesla's death continues in Serbia.
S1 E5 2/1/18

Superweapon Unleashed

The team pursues leads to the CIA and FBI regarding Nikola Tesla's death.
S1 E101 12/22/17

Rebel Genius

An exploration of Nikola Tesla's innovative and legendary work.