2 Seasons

The Colony Episodes

S2 E1 7/27/10

New Beginning

Seven strangers survive and rebuild after a simulated viral apocalypse.
S2 E2 8/3/10

After the Fall

The colonists try to generate power with pig carcasses and an old tractor.
S2 E3 8/10/10


Dwindling resources and the addition of two outsiders upset the balance.
S2 E4 8/17/10

To Have and Have Not

A fire forces the colonists to rethink their internal security options.
S2 E5 8/24/10

The Abduction

Negotiating skills are put the test when a colonist is violently abducted.
S2 E6 8/31/10


The colonists discover their water source has been heavily contaminated.