1 Season

The Detonators Episodes

S1 E1 1/28/09

Liverpool, England

Braden visits the blast sites of two steel structures in Texas and England.
S1 E2 2/4/09

Glasgow, Scotland

Experts reveal the accuracy behind demolitions in Scotland and Alabama.
S1 E3 2/11/09


Braden and Paul visit two structures in Bermuda and the Netherlands.
S1 E4 2/18/09

Coral Gables, Florida

Braden visits the demolition site of a historic building in Florida.
S1 E5 2/25/09

Foxburg, Pennsylvania

Blasters use cutting-edge technologies to help demolish cramped structures.
S1 E6 3/15/09

Louisville, Kentucky

Paul focuses on the demolition of a office building in Louisville, KY.