3 Seasons

The Devils Ride Episodes

S3 E1 2/3/14

Thy Brother's Keeper

The Devils and Sin Mob must settle their rivalry, or both be wiped out.
S3 E2 2/10/14

Brothers in Arms

The Laffing Devils and Sin Mob battle to restore their reputations.
S3 E3 2/17/14

New Blood

The Devils are told to hand in their cuts or have them taken by force.
S3 E4 2/24/14

Broken Brotherhood

Sin Mob Prez Rockem has a laser focus on taking the Devils down one by one.
S3 E5 3/3/14

Down and Dirty

New Laffing Devils Prez Mad Max looks to the 1% motorcycle club for advice.
S3 E6 3/10/14

Collision Course

Rockem decides to invite the Devils to a showdown in the desert.