The Last Alaskans Episodes

S4 E1 11/25/18

Hit the Ground Hunting

The damage from summer wildfires puts trapping season in danger.
S4 E2 12/2/18

The Price of Freedom

Charlie hunts for meat before the brutal winter and Heimo welcomes family.
S4 E3 12/9/18

Two Kills

Heimo hunts for caribou and the Seldens install a well in their cabin.
S4 E4 12/16/18

No Regrets

The loss of Bob Harte is felt by everyone and Heimo gathers mementos.
S4 E5 12/23/18

The Hunter Is Hunted

As moose season opens, the hunt is on to get meat for the winter.
S4 E6 12/30/18

Winter's Wrath

As winter closes in, Tyler desperately hunts for moose to feed the family.