The Next Bite Episodes

S4 E1 12/31/22

Magic Method for Walleyes

Tommy Kemos and Ross Grothe cast for Walleyes in the weeds.
S4 E2 1/7/23

One-Two Punch for Walleyes

John Hoyer and Duane Hjelm troll and cast while exploring for big Walleyes.
S4 E3 1/14/23

Casting Cranks for Walleyes

Korey Sprengel and Bill Shimota cast the NEW Money Badger for Walleyes.
S4 E4 1/21/23

Small Mouth Bass Beatdown!

Jason and Jay Przekurat target giant smallmouth bass in the late summer.
S4 E5 1/28/23

New Spinner Technique!

Chase Parsons and Korey Sprengel utilize NEW Berkley SR Crawlers.
S4 E6 2/4/23

Sonar Master Class!

Chase Parsons, Tom Huynh and Nate Wolske target Walleyes with sonar.