1 Season

The Wheel Episodes

S1 E1 1/13/17


Six ordinary people must survive alone in six extreme ecozones for 60 days.
S1 E2 1/20/17

Survive the Turn

Participants are forced to start over in another extreme ecozone.
S1 E3 1/27/17

Soaked and Starving

The next location takes a mental toll, and Lindsay makes a fateful choice.
S1 E4 2/3/17

Hunger Games

Extreme hunger prompts aggressive hunting techniques.
S1 E5 2/10/17

Pray for Help

The third ecozone becomes the longest phase yet, and will not relent.
S1 E6 2/17/17

No Rest For The Weary

Shon's fate is decided as the participants move on to phase four.