1 Season

Tickle Episodes

S1 E1 8/13/13

Whiskey Windfall

Tickle sets up a business front for secret shine he finds.
S1 E2 8/20/13

Hiding the Hooch

Tickle finds a way to move his secret shine without alerting the law.
S1 E3 8/27/13

Crossbows and Corn Liquor

Tickle's secretary gets suspicious about the shop hiding his secret shine.
S1 E4 9/3/13

Spirits in the Spirits

Tickle tries to convince his customers that his shine shop isn't haunted.
S1 E5 9/10/13

Drunk as a Fish

The team tries to find a sweet deal to sell tickets to a charity fish fry.
S1 E6 9/17/13

Whiskey Boom

Tickle spends his big income on an explosive birthday party for his dad.