1 Season

Time Warp Episodes

S2 E1 4/8/09

Blades and Volts

The cameras capture death-defying blades, skydiving and electricity.
S2 E2 4/15/09

Slings, Rockets and Sticks

The cameras capture a medieval catapult, rockets and stick fighting.
S2 E3 4/22/09

Airbags, Ropes and Rings

The team captures airbags, kitchen disasters, jump ropes and wrestling.
S2 E4 4/29/09


The cameras capture the band Metallica, a chainsaw artist and dirt bikes.
S2 E5 5/6/09

Splashes, Guns and Bikes

The cameras capture champion divers, machine guns and a motorcycle surfer.
S2 E6 5/13/09

Snakes, Sumo and Bocks

The cameras capture deadly snakes, sumo wrestlers and powerbocker stilts.