3 Seasons

Treasure Quest: Snake Island Episodes

S3 E1 8/24/18

Death Road To Fortune

The treasure hunters attempt to cross the treacherous Andes Mountains.
S3 E2 8/31/18

Break In

The team scours a subterranean cavern for a two billion-dollar treasure.
S3 E3 9/7/18

Death Trap

The team is trapped in an underground tunnel, putting their search at risk.
S3 E4 9/14/18

Blast Away

Falling boulders threaten the crew and a solution could cause a landslide.
S3 E5 9/21/18

Closing in on the Fortune

The team finds evidence of the fortune's route and a Jesuit artifact.
S3 E6

Hot on the Trail

The discovery of a landmark puts the team at the threshold of a fortune.