2 Seasons

Twin Turbos Episodes

S2 E1 12/9/19

Million Dollar Idea

The Debertis create a truck that will revolutionize the industry.
S2 E2 12/16/19

More Than Meets the Eye

The DeBertis revolutionize the pickup industry with their truck build.
S2 E3 12/23/19

Shop Rod Rising

The DeBertis attempt to transform a classic van into a racing machine.
S2 E4 12/30/19

Rod Rage

Doug's miscalculation forces the team to fight the clock to finish in time.
S2 E5 1/6/20

Street Racing Machine

The guys build a truck that can switch from drifting to road racing.
S2 E6 1/13/20

The Peak of Performance

Doug and Brad race to finish their prototype before it's time to move.

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