1 Season

Venom Hunters Episodes

S1 E1 2/17/16

Liquid Gold

Hunters stalk deadly snakes for their valuable venom.
S1 E2 2/24/16

The Minefield

Hunters get lost in a gator-filled swamp while pursuing copperhead snakes.
S1 E3 3/2/16

A Score to Settle

Tim searches for the snake that almost killed him, and Chewy steps up.
S1 E4 3/9/16

Man Down

Fatigue and injury threaten the future of Tim’s and Ed’s venom businesses.
S1 E5 3/15/16


Ed Chapman, once almost killed by a dusky pygmy snake, hunts for one again.
S1 E6 3/22/16

Now or Never

Death-defying encounters won't stop four teams from catching their prey.