Abandoned: Expedition Unknown

Abandoned: Expedition Shipwreck

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Uncovering Long Lost Shipwrecks? Count Us In

By: Discovery

On August 5 at 10p ET, ABANDONED: EXPEDITION SHIPWRECK is bringing us into the world's greatest sunken mysteries, investigating historic shipwrecks and untold stories of the deep. Catch the premiere on Science Channel and discovery+.

August 03, 2021

Ever wondered how deep the history of the ocean travels? An estimated 3,000,000 shipwrecks have been recorded on the ocean floor. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Countless shipwrecks lost in the depths of the oceans are rich time capsules containing tales of adventure and tragedy. Now, marine experts are on the hunt to locate these forgotten ships, explore their secrets, and unlock their incredible stories.

In the series’ premiere, maritime archeologist Dr. Innes McCartney and his team embark on an in-depth survey of the UC-66 submarine wreck site in the Irish Sea. Bridging the history of World War I with present-day discoveries, the team uses incredible technology to piece together fractured remains of historic U-Boats and living relics of the past. From wartime disasters to commercial ship collisions, this series exposes the many volatile risks at sea and how they’ve shaped regulations and technological advancements, and also pieces together disasters from history to reveal what really happened and why.

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Uncovering Sunken Treasures
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Whether you’re a history buff or get an adrenaline rush from uncharted territories, this series will inspire you to think big about the world’s mysteries - and just might encourage you to embark on your own deep sea adventure. The season premiere of ABANDONED: EXPEDITION SHIPWRECK kicks off at 10p ET on Science Channel and streaming on discovery+.

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