Marty Raney and Clint Morehouse are wrapping up work on the new fence around his back porch.

Raney Family Battle the Elements on Homestead

By: Nesa Nourmohammadi

The Raney family face their most difficult challenges yet when HOMESTEAD RESCUE: RANEY RANCH returns with new episodes Thursday, May 6 at 8P ET on Discovery.

April 29, 2021

The Raneys face their greatest challenges yet as they rush to finish their homestead in the new season of HOMESTEAD RESCUE: RANEY RANCH.

Premiering Thursday, May 6 at 8P ET on Discovery, HOMESTEAD RESCUE: RANEY RANCH will feature the Raneys rushing to finish their homestead before the brutal Alaskan winter sets in. As they rush to winterproof their homes and important structures, the family is dealt a painful blow when a fire destroys their old cabin.

Winter is coming to the Raney homestead.

Photo by: Scott Sandman

Scott Sandman

Winter is coming to the Raney homestead.

The struggles do not stop there. The family is also faced with a crisis when family patriarch Marty Raney suffers a fall, leaving his children Misty, Matt and Melanee to take on additional responsibilities.

For the first time in decades, the entire Raney family must juggle homesteading challenges with the old family tradition of adventure in the Alaskan wilderness that brought Marty to the last frontier in the first place. Can Marty and the family instill that same spirit of adventure and enthusiasm in the next generation?

An emotional Misty and Maciah have their backs turned to the entire Raney crew while they wait for a surprise.

An emotional Misty and Maciah have their backs turned to the entire Raney crew while they wait for a surprise.

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