The Search Begins for 3 Missing Explorers and the Lost City of Akakor

By: Discovery

A team of investigators travels to the Amazon to search for three missing explorers who disappeared while looking for the lost city of Akakor. Watch the new series starting Wednesday, May 26 at 10P ET on Discovery.

On the CURSE OF AKAKOR six investigators are set out to figure out what happened to three missing explorers, and the lost city of Akakor.

Cast of Curse of Akakor


Cast of Curse of Akakor

In the 1980s, three explorers set out to find the rumored cities of Akakor and Akahim in the Amazon jungle. One by one, they disappeared. Their fates have remained a mystery, although for years suspicion has centered around an enigmatic river guide known as Tatunca Nara. He guided each of the explorers into the jungle before they disappeared, but claims to know nothing about what happened to them.

Now, guided by the legend of Akakor and equipped with the latest technology, an international team of investigators are following in the footsteps of those missing explorers. They’re aiming to solve a dual mystery. Firstly, do Akakor and Akahim exist? And secondly, what happened to those explorers who went missing?

Irish investigative journalist Paul Connolly will lead the team. American geologist and explorer Dr. Martin Pepper will be tasked with searching for evidence of the lost cities. Brazilian wilderness doctor Dr. Karina Oliani will be ready in case of emergency. Former FBI Agent Bobby Chacon will hunt for clues to the fate of the missing explorers. British survival expert Megan Hine will use her decades of experience to keep the team safe in a hostile environment. And tech expert Brennon Edwards will deploy the latest technology to search for signs of lost civilizations.

Their journey will begin in the dark jungles of Peru, east of the Andes, where Akakor is said to be located. Then they’ll move the expedition to northern Brazil–the rumored site of Akahim, and where the explorers went missing.

The deeper they delve into the jungle, the stranger and darker the mystery becomes. Finally, their search for answers will take them face-to-face with the only man who may know the truth: the enigmatic river guide Tatunca Nara.

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