Take Off with the Tipple Family on the All-New Series NATURE IS FLY

On the all-new series, NATURE IS FLY, go on adventures to experience nature and science with the Tipple family. They travel the country and meet the people who are the best in their fields of conservation and more.

June 24, 2021

Scientist and Discovery Channel host Luke Tipple just bought a plane and is on a mission to explore! Each month he will take his family - wife Aria and daughter Kailiana-on board his plane to discover nature at it’s most exciting by meeting up with fellow explorers, scientists, and survivalists to learn about the land and their world.

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Nature is Fly | Meet the Tipples 03:02

Every month pilot, scientist, and extreme adventurer Luke Tipple takes us on an unforgettable wild ride! Luke pilots his eagle-eye machine to locations around the country to discover nature at its most exciting. On some trips, he’ll depend on his high-level survival skills others, he’ll be dad, taking his family on an adventure.

Luke’s Cessna 205 is built for adventure and he can't wait to introduce the world of conservation, science, and nature to his young daughter, Kailiana. In the first episode, Meet the Tipples, get to know our favorite flying family and the plane that will take them on their journeys.

Then on their first family adventure, the Tipples head to Bend, Oregon to experience the air to dog sledding with an accomplished musher and some cute and hard-working sled dogs.

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Nature is Fly | Dog Sledding in Oregon 06:51

Luke Tipple and his family head to Mount Bachelor to meet with the first legally blind dog musher and enjoy the dog-sled ride of a lifetime.

Luke Tipple

Luke Tipple is a trained marine biologist and the host of Discovery Channel’s Nature Minute. Luke has hosted two major network survival game shows, multiple Shark Week documentaries on Discovery, as well as producing and hosting series for Travel channel and Snapchat. Tipple also recently qualified for his private pilot license and enjoys flying his own aircraft.

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