4 Fun Facts About Wild Turkeys You Probably Didn't Know

As American families belly up to the Thanksgiving table this time of year, here are a few facts about Wild Turkeys that you probably didn't know.

By: Leah Weber

Photo By: Mike Bons

Photo By: KeithSzafranski

Photo By: bookguy

Photo By: jcrader

Proud to be North American

Wild Turkeys are native to the US and Mexico. (Photo by Mike Bons via Getty Images)

Pretty Fly

Some species of this big bird can fly up to 55 miles per hour. (Photo via Getty Images)

When the Bow Breaks...

Many wild turkeys sleep in trees to stay safe. (Photo by bookguy via Getty Images)

Battle of the Sexes

Female Turkeys are called Hens, and Male turkeys are known as Toms. (Photo by jcrader via Getty Images)

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