How Do Owls Turn Their Heads All the Way Around?

Owls are very cool looking birds. They are incredible hunters and sure know how to build themselves a comfortable home. But how are owls able to turn their heads all the way around like that? Learn more about owls with

October 15, 2020
By: Discovery
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This barn owl is turning its head in what looks like an unnatural direction. Turns out, owls have a circulatory system that pools blood to power their brain and eyes when they are in this position.

So, owls can't actually turn their heads 360 degrees, but they can turn them 270 degrees. This is an incredible defense mechanism and protects them from predators.

The smallest owl is an elf owl and is about 5 inches tall. The largest owl, you ask? The Great Gray Owl that can be almost 3 feet tall.

Owls are incredible hunters. Some species can spot prey up to a half a mile away.

Not all owls are nocturnal, many owls wake up during the day to move around if they feel unsafe.

A pair of Ural owls at the International Centre for Birds of Prey, Newent.

You can find owls all over the world, except Antarctica.

Don't expect all owls to make that iconic "hoot." Some owls screech!

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