Meet the Pollinators that Change the World

Happy National Pollinators Week! This week is dedicated to highlighting and bringing awareness to the many animals and insects that play a key role in the pollination process.

Without many of these creatures, plants around the world wouldn't be able to grow and spread. We have these critters to thank for pollination, the transferring of pollen from one plant to another. Pollen from one plant becomes attached to pollinators and as they go flower to flower, they spread and mix pollen. This fertilizes the plants and allows them to create seeds, starting the cycle over with new budding flowers.

Thank you pollinators!

June 24, 2021

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Photo By: © Jackie Bale

Photo By: Kees Smans

Photo By: jamesbenet

Photo By: Sander Meertins

Photo By: mikroman6

Photo By: Gary Mayes

Photo By: sandra standbridge

Photo By: Oscar Herrera / 500px

Photo By: © Jackie Bale

Photo By: Nicolas Reusens