The 2020 Fat Bear Week Champion has been Crowned

By: Discovery

This year's fattest bear champion is raising the bar for the jiggliest bear bod in the game. Mother Nature's out done herself with this annual hyperphagic marvel. See photos of the 2020 winner and some favorite memories from Fat Bear Week.

October 06, 2020

The "weight" is over. This year's Fat Bear Week competition was as plump as ever but only one can claim the 2020 crown for Alaska's fattest bear.

Congratulations Jumbo Jet 747, the plump prince of 2020. It was a competitive field but this bodacious booty won our hearts.

Katmai National Park & Preserve's Fat Bear Week hosts an annual single elimination tournament to determine 2020's fattest bear on the Brooks River.

Every summer into autumn, bears naturally enter a state of hyperphagia, a period of nonstop eating and drinking to get as fat as possible before hibernationand what a sight to behold it is.

Fans cast thousands of votes for their favorite Fat Bears and aren't shy to show their enthusiasm on social media.

Fat bears are a true indicator of thriving wildlife at Katmai National Park and Bristol Bay, Alaska. At Katmai, there are more brown bears than people. Plus, the wild region is home to the argest, healthiest runs of sockeye salmon left on the planet.

Here's to many more Fat Bear Week's to come!

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