Photo by: Jim Zuckerman

Jim Zuckerman

Wolves Work Hard to Help Our Ecosystem

By: Discovery

Wolf Awareness Week is October 18–24. This week is dedicated to understanding wolves and their impact on the ecosystem. Let's celebrate this beautiful creature and dedicate some time to learning more about them.

Every October marks a week where researchers and conservation groups band together to bring awareness to the wolves. Wolves were nearly reaching extinction because of hunting and damage to their habitats, specifically climate change.

There are two types of wolves, the red and the grey, and with an undetermined number of subspecies in each category-- wolves live all over the northern hemisphere.

The ecosystem relies on wolves to control the deer and elk population in some regions. Their hunts result in leftovers that provide food for certain scavengers and bears.

Wolves are believed to be a threat to livestock by ranchers and farmers. To protect the wolf population, creating ways to separate the two are imperative. When wolves clash with livestock, there is usually a backlash.

Organizations like Defenders of Wildlife and universities like Northland College celebrate Wolf Awareness Week to celebrate and protect this majestic creature.

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