Danny Etheridge holding a shovel of dirt.


Danny Etheridge holding a shovel of dirt.

Excelling in hostile conditions is second nature for leading adventure cameraman Danny. Born into a family of directors and editors, he was drawn to the industry from a young age. “I’d watch things like Planet Earth and want to be a cameraman out in the middle of nowhere.”

Danny has been a big part of Parker’s life over the last decade, having documented Parker’s mining endeavors in the Klondike and beyond for Gold Rush and Parker’s Trail. As a result, the pair have become great friends, a bond that will become integral to supporting the team’s dynamic as they embark on their Australian adventure.

Having also worked closely with survival expert Bear Grylls for many years, Danny is at home in the wilderness. “Trying to capture major footage comes a close second to staying alive. I feel like I’ve used quite a few of my nine lives." Whilst directing the TV show Mutiny, Danny spent 40 days at sea as part of a crew recreating a historic voyage across the unrelenting Pacific Ocean, left to battle storms and shark infested waters with no supplies. His toughness will be tested once more as he journeys into the searing heat of the Australian outback to document Parker’s epic quest.


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