Fred Lewis, holding up his finger


Fred Lewis, holding up his finger

Having spent fourteen years in the military as a Green Beret and Special Forces Medic, Fred has survived through the unimaginable in places very few people dare venture - Africa, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“My extensive Special Forces medical training is considered one of the best on the planet.”

Having proved his worth in PNG and at Parker’s claim, Parker trusts Fred with his life. The desolate, barren outback of Australia - devoid of water/shelter and teaming with deadly animals – will test their relationship like never before.

Gaining the trust of the miners in Australia will be crucial to securing new ground. A former forces communicator and linguist, Fred will provide invaluable communication skills. And if food becomes scarce whilst hundreds of miles from civilization, his precise sniper eye and survival instinct will ensure the team’s safety.

Having spent the last season working in Parker’s gold room, Fred’s mining knowledge is getting better and his enthusiasm for metal detecting will see him getting more and more interested in gold – yep he gets gold fever!


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