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SHARK WEEK returns July 11 on Discovery and discovery+. This year, take a dive deeper with THE DAILY BITE PODCAST. Marine biologist Luke Tipple interviews the top experts behind SHARK WEEK, getting a behind-the-scenes take on their adventures and research -- from close calls and dangerous deep sea dives to the new discoveries and conservation happening today.

This year dive deeper on all your favorite SHARK WEEK shows with the DAILY BITE! Stream the exclusive series on discovery+ or listen to Shark Week's Daily Bite Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts. Here's a breakdown of every episode you have coming your way.

Episode 1: How High Can a Shark Jump? These Shark Experts Know — July 11

Shark experts Alison Towner and Chris Fallows have recorded the highest shark jump at 15 feet in the air in Mossel Bay, South Africa. They talk about just how skilled the sharks are in that area, and how they caught this record-setting breach.

Episode 2: William Shatner’s Legendary Shark Encounter — July 12

For Shark Week, Dr. Tristan Guttridge linked up with legendary actor William Shatner to boldly go where Shark Week has never gone before. The mission: enter shark-infested waters to understand the nature of fear and come face to face with an apex predator. Dr. Guttridge shares what he learned.

Episode 3: Shark Species Collide in New England’s Yearly Shark Vortex — July 13

Every summer, over 30 species of sharks converge off the coast of southern New England, creating a dangerous shark vortex. As the shark vortex retreats in the fall, sharks battle it out for dominance in the icy waters. Dr. Greg Skomal and Joe Romeiro braved rough oceans and fierce predators to capture new footage of the phantom shark in those waters, and reveal which shark reigns supreme in the vortex.

Episode 4: A Great White Shark Nursery Beneath the Waves — July 14

On a mission to find great white shark nurseries, Dr. Craig O’Connell returns to Western Australia to track female shark behavior. With only five known nursery locations in the world, they hope that finding shark pups and juveniles will help them learn more about this significant species. Dr. O'Connell weighs in on what he and the research team learned.

Episode 5: Dr. Pimple Popper Learns From Shark Skin - July 15

Dr. Austin Gallagher and Dr. Pimple Popper are on a mission to explore the world of shark skin, and understand how they can apply that science to treat human skin issues. Dr. Gallagher shares what we can learn from shark for human treatments.

Episode 6: Forrest Galante Rediscovers Marine Life Lost to Science— July 16

International wildlife biologist Forrest Galante travels the world in search of rare and elusive wildlife, including species lost to science. He shares his experience investigating mysterious cold water sharks.

Episode 7: Tiger Sharks Battle Great Whites on Norfolk Island- July 17

Norfolk Island's tiger sharks go head-to-head with migrating great whites over an unusual food source: cow carcasses. Dr. Riley Elliott returned to the island to understand this fascinating cow carcass competition, and shares what he's learned.

Episode 8: These Ninja Sharks Have Deadly Skills- July 18

Three ninja-skilled sharks have been discovered in the icy waters of Alaska, off populated beaches of New York, and lurking in ghostly shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina. Dr. Craig O'Connell and Madeline Marens share what they’ve learned about these sharks' unique and deadly ninja qualities.

Next Up

Diver Narrowly Escapes Jaws of Great White Shark in Terrifying Human Breach

Shark Week fans held their breath watching expert shark diver Jimi Partington’s near-death experience in Great White Open Ocean.

Shark Week: The Podcast – Dr. Greg Skomal talks Great White Sharks in Cape Cod

Marine biologist and star of Discovery’s Shark Week documentary Great White Intersection, Dr. Greg Skomal joins Luke Tipple to discuss a surge in great white shark numbers in Cape Cod.

Rare Baby Ghost Shark Discovered Off New Zealand Coast

Scientists hope the ‘very rare’ finding will fill in research gaps about the elusive species.

Deep-Sea Divers: Tiger Sharks of The Bahamas

Cutting-edge technology takes a team of scientists at Beneath the Waves (BTW) deeper than they’ve ever gone before by shedding new light on how tiger sharks use our deep seas. Don't miss TIGER SHARK KING, Friday, August 14 at 10P ET on Discovery.

New Canadian Law is Great News for Mako Sharks

Canada has become the first North Atlantic country to put a longstanding recommendation from conservation scientists to protect Mako sharks into law.

The Jaws Boat is Being Rebuilt, But This Time to Save Sharks

‘The ORCA’ may just be the most famous boat in the film industry. Immortalized by the thriller Jaws in 1975, the vessel relentlessly pursued the 25-foot, three ton-big shark. However a new reincarnation of the old classic boat will take on a new goal: to save sharks, not hunt them.

Searching for Lost Sharks

Dr. Dave Ebert joined Animal Planet’s Forrest Galante in some of the most shark infested waters in the Southern Hemisphere to track down lost species on EXTINCT OR ALIVE: LAND OF THE LOST SHARKS. He let's us in on his experience.

Are Shark Attacks on the Rise? Not Really.

Maine had its first recorded deadly shark attack this week. We talk to experts about what is going on in the ocean and share some tips if you find yourselves in close contact with a shark.

Zen and the Art of Shark Diving

Go swimming with the sharks. From the pages of The Explorers Journal, learn how photographer Amos Nachoum finds zen to capture the ultimate apex predator on camera.

Sea Turtle Escapes the Jaws of a Shark Attack

Sea turtles are less slow and steady than we have historically assumed. On the Ningaloo Coast of Australia, a photographer captured a heroic fight between a sea turtle and a tiger shark.

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