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Everything You Need to Know About the Daily Bite Podcast

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SHARK WEEK returns August 9, this year dive deeper with THE DAILY BITE PODCAST.

August 09, 2020

This year dive deeper on all your favorite SHARK WEEK shows with THE DAILY BITE PODCAST! 7 Days of Shark Week, 7 podcasts to take a bite out of. You can find it on Pocket Casts, Anchor, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcast, and Radio Public. Here's a breakdown of every episode you have coming your way.

Episode 1: Shark Lockdown — August 9

Clark Gayford and Mark Erdmann talk about their harrowing adventures as the global lockdown lured New Zealand’s biggest great whites out of hiding on SHARK LOCKDOWN.

Episode 2: Jaws Awakens — August 10

Chris Fallows and Jeff Kurr talk about their exploration of New Zealand’s waters trying to find a nearly 20-foot long, two-ton shark named Fred for JAWS AWAKENS.

Episode 3: Extinct or Alive: Land of the Lost Sharks — August 11

Forrest Galante talks about his tireless pursuit to find three unique sharks lost to science for nearly 100 years on EXTINCT OR ALIVE: LAND OF THE LOST SHARKS.

Episode 4: Great White Serial Killer Extinction — August 12

Jimi Partington and Michael Harris look into the dwindling California sea otter population and the Great White Shark on GREAT WHITE SERIAL KILLER.

Episode 5: Mako Nation - August 13

Riley Elliott and Andy Casagrande talk about the mysteries they uncover about the Mako Shark in one of their last strongholds — New Zealand for MAKO NATION.

Episode 6: Lair of the Great White — August 14

Dr. Craig O’Connell and Marc Payne want to know why the Great White Sharks are so much more aggressive off the coast of Western Australia for LAIR OF THE GREAT WHITE.

Episode 7: Tiger Shark King- August 15

Austin Gallagher and Christine de Silva talk about their mission to understand the assault on a 14-foot tiger shark in the Caribbean for TIGER SHARK KING.

Want More Sharky-Podcasts?

If you love podcasts and you want to learn about sharks (and more!), then check out Discovery’s award-winning Curiosity Daily podcast. Listen and subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or anywhere else you get your podcasts.

Next Up

Deep-Sea Divers: Tiger Sharks of The Bahamas

Cutting-edge technology takes a team of scientists at Beneath the Waves (BTW) deeper than they’ve ever gone before by shedding new light on how tiger sharks use our deep seas. Don't miss TIGER SHARK KING, Friday, August 14 at 10P ET on Discovery.

New Canadian Law is Great News for Mako Sharks

Canada has become the first North Atlantic country to put a longstanding recommendation from conservation scientists to protect Mako sharks into law.

The Jaws Boat is Being Rebuilt, But This Time to Save Sharks

‘The ORCA’ may just be the most famous boat in the film industry. Immortalized by the thriller Jaws in 1975, the vessel relentlessly pursued the 25-foot, three ton-big shark. However a new reincarnation of the old classic boat will take on a new goal: to save sharks, not hunt them.

Searching for Lost Sharks

Dr. Dave Ebert joined Animal Planet’s Forrest Galante in some of the most shark infested waters in the Southern Hemisphere to track down lost species on EXTINCT OR ALIVE: LAND OF THE LOST SHARKS. He let's us in on his experience.

Are Shark Attacks on the Rise? Not Really.

Maine had its first recorded deadly shark attack this week. We talk to experts about what is going on in the ocean and share some tips if you find yourselves in close contact with a shark.

Zen and the Art of Shark Diving

Go swimming with the sharks. From the pages of The Explorers Journal, learn how photographer Amos Nachoum finds zen to capture the ultimate apex predator on camera.

10 Celebrities Who Are Making a Difference in Australia

With wildfires still blazing through NSW, Australia, celebrities have stepped in to donate what they can to help make a difference.

Meet the Deep Sea Sharks that Glow in the Dark

The largest bioluminescent creature on land or sea was found in the ocean near New Zealand.

New Research Reveals Cause of Death for 3 Million Birds

An estimated 3 million short-tailed shearwaters died along the coast of Australia in 2013. New research suggests humans and the 2012 Harve submarine eruption are to blame.

Wombats: The Furry Heroes of the Australian Wildfires

Wombats dug craters which tapped into deep-flowing water, providing vital resources to fauna and fellow animals.
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