13 Seasons
S10 E6 8/30/20

Double Duty

The team divides and conquers as half the crew builds a secluded hunting cabin in Guyton, GA, while the other half strips a pre-Civil War cabin in Monroe County, WV. Later, Mark Bowe visits an extraordinary round barn in Pennsylvania.


Episode   1

Saving the Cabin

Episode   2

Texas Teamwork

Episode   4

Team Barnwood

Episode   5

Coming Home

Episode   6

Double Duty

Episode   7

Just in Time

Episode   8

Harvesting History

Episode   101

Helping Hands

Episode   102

The Design Special

Episode   103

Beam Cabin: The Whole Story

Episode   104

Shaver-Haley Home: Whole Story

Episode   105

Risky Business

Episode   106

Dream Builders

Episode   107

Catskills Cabin: Whole Story

Episode   108

The Tim and Alex Special

Episode   109

The Sherman Special

Episode   110

The Graham Special

Episode   111

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