Driven Episodes

S1 E1 3/30/20

Shelby's Secret Project

The Galpin crew resurrects a Pantera Carroll Shelby secretly hot-rodded.
S1 E2 4/6/20

Details Details Details

Dave finally gets a shot at royalty at the Grand National Roadster Show.
S1 E3 4/13/20

The Resto-MACH 22

Team Galpin builds a '72 Mach-1 resto-mod for NASCAR superstar Joey Logano.
S1 E4 4/20/20

Lots of Plumbing

The team restores an offbeat build known as the Bathtub Hot Rod.
S1 E5 4/27/20

Holy Smokes Batman

The Galpin team take on two famous Hollywood cars built by George Barris.
S1 E6 5/4/20

Beau and the Bandit

The Galpin team builds a super-advanced parts truck with retro flair.

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