After decades spent in obscurity, the Li’l Redd Wrecker finally gets its place among some of the greatest show cars in Hollywood history.

The Li’l Redd Wrecker and More Remarkable Vehicles

Beau Boeckmann and the Galpin Auto Sports team brought the Li’l Redd Wrecker back to its original glory on CAR KINGS. Check out the story behind this superbly unique vehicle and others from your favorite Motor Monday shows.

May 07, 2020

If you’re unfamiliar with the story behind this superbly unique vehicle, it’s because the truck never made its television debut on the 70’s hit show Sanford and Son. This hand-built metal body features a tilt styled front cab and the midship engine is powered by a chrome plated supercharged 392 Chrysler motor.

Here are some of the car's many unique features:

  • Center Steering with right hand power braking
  • Left hand hydraulic gas pedal
  • Tinted sky top window
  • Chrome plated rear winch for the tow body powered by an electric push button
  • Oval tunneled grille shell housing quad rectangular English headlights and chrome mesh inserts
  • Dual MOON gas tanks installed on each side of the body panels
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Story of the Li’l Red Wrecker 01:28

In 1974, George Barris got a proposition from legendary comedian, Redd Fox: design a customized tow-truck to be featured on Sanford and Son. The sitcom had planned a story line that involved Redd Fox's character winning the lottery and building one of the wildest trucks ever conceived — The Li’l Red Wrecker.

The Li’l Redd Wrecker is truly a unique vehicle that deserved its time to shine. But it got us thinking about other cool vehicles featured on Discovery’s Motor Monday.

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