4 Seasons
S10 E19 3/14/11

Putin's Pooch

Unsuspecting passengers hail a Chicago taxi cab and find themselves on a TV game show. They can win cash for correctly answering trivia questions and making it to their destination. But answer three questions wrong, it's three strikes - and they're out!


Episode   1

33 Blocks

Episode   3

Yo Yo to Go

Episode   5

Dog Taxi

Episode   7

Zebras and Rats

Episode   8

Canal or Ditch

Episode   12

Dreams Come True

Episode   13


Episode   14

Baby, It's Cold

Episode   15

Party of Four

Episode   18


Episode   19

Putin's Pooch

Episode   20

Three and Three

Episode   22

Sibling Blues

Episode   23

Wine Bar Cash

Episode   25


Episode   27

Navy Pier Ride

Episode   28

Zoo Money

Episode   29


Episode   32

Shout Out Save

Episode   33

Party of Three

Episode   34

Boys' Night

Episode   35

Bowling Night

Episode   36

Girls' Night

Episode   37

Double Ride

Episode   38

Little Rascals

Episode   101

Dave Foley

Episode   102

Suzie Essman