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Egypt's Unexplained Files Episodes

S1 E1 4/7/19

Mystery of the Cannibal Crypt

Mysterious tomb carvings provide evidence of cannibalism in ancient Egypt.
S1 E2 4/15/19

Curse of the Crocodile Queen

Experts examine the mysterious alter ego of Egypt's first female pharaoh.
S1 E3 4/15/19

Secrets of the Scorpion King

New evidence suggests that the Scorpion King may have actually existed.
S1 E4 4/21/19

Tut's Curse: The New Evidence

Experts explore the curse of King Tut's tomb with cutting-edge technology.
S1 E5 4/28/19

Secrets of the Tomb Raiders

New discoveries reveal the secrets of Egypt's tomb raiders.
S1 E6 5/5/19

Curse of the Screaming Mummy

New discoveries reveal the brutal truth behind a 3,000-year-old murder.

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