Expedition Unknown: After the Hunt

5 Seasons
S6 E1

Remembering D-Day

In honor of D-Day, Josh Gates touches down in Normandy to investigate battles on land, air and sea. Josh interviews actor Dennis Quaid and Seal Team 6's Will Chesney -- who was part of the raid that took out Osama Bin Laden.


Episode   1

Safer at Home

Episode   2

Along For The Ride

Episode   3

Digging In

Episode   4

Earth Day

Episode   5

Exploration Home Office

Episode   6

Stayin' Inside

Episode   7

Indiana Josh

Episode   8

Unexplained and Unexplored

Episode   9

The Merry Adventures of Josh Gates

Episode   10

GI Josh

Episode   11

Wild, Wild Josh

Episode   13

Mother Russia

Episode   14

Gold-Digging Josh

Episode   15

Back From Outer Space

Episode   16

Like, Totally Josh

Episode   17

Game, Set, Josh

Episode   18

Stayin' Alive

Episode   19

No Fear of Heists

Episode   20

Josh's Monster Mash

Episode   21

A Spot of Josh

Episode   22

Sherlock Josh

Episode   23

King Me!

Episode   101

After the Hunt: D-Day Revealed

Episode   102

After the Hunt: America's Mysteries Uncovered

Episode   103

After the Hunt: Unknown Ancestors

Episode   104

After the Hunt: Uncovering Humanity

Episode   105

After the Hunt: Mysteries Beneath Our Feet

Episode   106

After the Hunt: Diving Deeper, Looking Higher

Episode   107

After the Hunt: Uncovering Land and Sea