S19 E2 9/30/17

Ogden Possession

Zak and the crew travel to Ogden, Utah, to help a family plagued by a demonic figure that appears as a beautiful red-headed girl.


Episode   1

Golden Ghost Town

Episode   3

McRaven Mansion

Episode   4

Demons and Dolls

Episode   5

Spirits Under Siege

Episode   6

Champion Hill Battlefield

Episode   7

Museum of Madness

Episode   8

Annabelle's Curse

Episode   9

Albion Normal School

Episode   10

Museum of the Mountain West

Episode   11

Pythian Castle

Episode   12

The Titanic Museum

Episode   13

Wolf Creek Inn

Episode   14

Eureka Mining Town

Episode   15

Sin City Exorcism

Episode   16

Phelps Dodge Hospital

Episode   17

The Slaughter House

Episode   19

The Alley of Darkness

Episode   20

Kennedy Mine

Episode   21

Old Gila County Jail